Problem med tutorials i Gamemaker:Studio

Vi skal arbejde med Gamemaker fra YoYo Games, den gratis udgave, lige nu hedder versionen v1.2.1150. Programmet kører på Windows.

Programmet har nogle fine tutorials, men også nogle fejl, blandt andet at det ikke altid kan vise indholdet af disse tutorials. Her er en måde at komme udenom dette problem på:

Notes on compiling Pure Data on Chakra

There is currently no package for Pure Data in the Chakra linux distribution, so I decided to build it myself. This turned out to be a lengthy process; here's what I did.

Drupal 7: PHP snippet to add users from a list

Here is a very crude PHP snippet that can be used to add a list of users to a Drupal site.

The code can be added to a Drupal block with content type "PHP Code", which is then added to some page and made visible only to the site administrator (using e.g. the `roles' tab on the block configuration page).

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